Art Show at La Poz Cafe

la poz cafe art event

Art Followers in the Clear Lake-Galveston Area

After one year of running a successful French Bistro in Seabrook, Ms N’deye (aka Nadine) Marre is having an art showing/sale in her bistro on Friday evening, May 20, 6-10 pm. Besides the usual table service indoors and outdoors, there will be quick-order finger-food (tapas),available indoors and special on beverages. Thus, visitors will be able to snack as they walk around the center island display panels viewing the art that is on display for just this evening. (The tables that are usually there will be removed to make this possible.). Tickets are $25 per person (tickets include unlimited pass ors d’oeuvres and 1 glass of wine).
Live music featuring Hector Bissio on the Piano.

Having art on display that evening:
Jesse W. Jones:Pictures
Kelly Halbach: Art & Design
Elizabeth G. Ceret: Painting
Rahmi : Best of Canvas Paints & Prints
Gloria: Gloriats Arts & Design
Hector Bisso: Live music- Piano
Tami Dattile: Hand painted wine Glasses